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nashuh-nl yoo-zhuh-ree ]

Summary Definition of “National Usury”

National Usury is a private central bank’s fleecing of a national economy and its people’s wealth through the illicit practice of charging interest on the creation of a nation’s money or on its borrowing of money.

Full Definition of “National Usury”

National Usury is a private central bank’s fleecing of a national economy and its people’s wealth through the illicit practice of charging interest on the creation of a nation’s money or on its borrowing of money.

‘National debt’ is the interest paid on the creation of a nation’s money by private (central) banks, plus compound interest charged, and any subsequent borrowing required to cover missed payments, or to respond to wars, economic collapses or other national or global challenges, most of which have been cited as having been orchestrated by “those who hold the purse strings”. All wars are bankers wars.

In the history of democracy, the people have never once voted for private banks to profit from the creation of a nation’s money, but that did not stop this ‘thievery at source’ becoming the economic standard throughout the world.

The reason for this is because key politicians throughout history have been repeatedly and consistently bribed or blackmailed by those who control the private central banking system, in order to establish privately owned central banks in each and every nation.

These private banks are purposefully named in such a way as to fool the public into assuming that they are owned and controlled by the nation (the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve etc). These privately owned and managed institutions totally control each nation’s money creation, and then in turn, the level of interest due on that money (interest rates) to be paid by the nation’s people to the private banksters.

National Usury is essentially the fleecing of a national economy, and thereby the fleecing of its peoples’ wealth.

Many famous politicians and statesmen have been assassinated, or had assassination attempts made against them, simply because they stood for and with the people, against the establishment of a private central bank and against National Usury in their own country, or because they took steps to close a private central bank or to bring to end the National Usury that had already been established by earlier corrupted politicians. Some notable examples include Julius Caesar, King Charles I, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, US President Andrew Jackson, US President Abraham Lincoln, US President James A. Garfield, Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, and US President JF Kennedy.

Nations that have refused to install a private central banking system and the National Usury it imposes on a nation’s people have become the target of military invasion or revolution, orchestrated and funded by the banksters. Perhaps the most major examples are: The English Civil War (1642-1651), the American Civil War (1642-51), the 1812 War between Britain and America, the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815), The Russian Revolution and counter-revolution (1916-17) and the Second World War (1939-45), all of which can be proven to have two things in common, one side had rejected and/or closed down a private central banking system prior to the conflict, and the central (international) banksters had promoted and actively funded each war. Once again, we are reminded of the well-versed phrase “all wars are bankers wars”.

To further illustrate the systematic use of military forces (under private central bank control or influence) to invade and destroy nations that oppose the private central banking system being imposed upon them, the following is a list of the only 7 countries in the world in the year 2000, which refused to accept a private central bank and its system of National Usury: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.

Then came 9/11, and subsequently the only major war in the ensuing years, which resulted in the invasion and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. Surprise, surprise, both these countries immediately had a private central bank installed. This left only 5 countries in the world by 2003 that refused to accept a private central banking system: Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran.

Following this, the Sudanese Civil War was orchestrated, in order to ultimately impose ‘the Comprehensive Peace Agreement’ (2005), which established private central banking control and National Usury on Sudan.

Then in 2011, the bankster-controlled forces of NATO invaded Libya, facilitating the assassination of its populist leader Muammar Gaddafi, who had been planning to establish Africa as the first continent to completely free itself from private central banking control. Following NATO’s invasion, the ‘Central Bank of Libya’ was installed, which immediately started charging the Libyan people National Usury interest on their own money from day one.

This meant that by 2011, there were just 3 remaining countries in the world that refused to accept a private central banking system and National Usury: Cuba, North Korea and Iran.

Is it any wonder that central banking-controlled politicians and media have relentlessly attempted to start wars with Iran and North Korea since 2011. Indeed, the only major western politician who appears to have gone off-script in regards to considering war against these nations to be a necessity is Donald Trump, who has made it abundantly clear that he is no fan of orchestrated wars, and no fan of any globally-controlled business or economic system.

Is it starting to make sense? Yes, all wars are indeed bankers wars.

Once you know about National Usury and begin to understand the extreme economic destruction that it imposes on every nation that it infects, and you learn about the millions of people who have died in countless wars and revolutions that were orchestrated and funded by the central banksters, you realise that not only must National Usury be utterly eliminated, but that a monumental financial debt is owed to the people of every nation who have been forced to pay for many decades or even centuries, through their taxes, for interest rates and a national debt that have been entirely manufactured out of thin air.

However, before the people can go after the historic money that has been stolen from them, they must first – peacefully, lawfully and democratically – take control of their own money creation, and close down all the private central banks. This is imperative and cannot be sidelined.

The impetus is already with this movement. President Javier Milei of Argentina, elected in 2023, pledged to shut down the Central Bank of Argentina, but as a single politician, he is extremely vulnerable to political pressure, personal intimidation, or worse.

As with all the problems that face society, politicians can only implement ground-breaking policies if there is a constant and increasing public pressure to do so. It is the people who have the capacity to end National Usury, and only the people.

After reading this, you must make a commitment to talk about ending National Usury with everyone you know, and you must demand that your political representatives support that paradigm shifting economic change without reservation.

The people of every nation need direct control over the creation of their nation’s money, with absolutely no interest rates payable.

• Every nation must create its own money, interest-free.

• The people must have full share ownership of their nation’s money.

• All national debts to private central banks must be eliminated.

• All interest on money creation ever paid to private banks must be repaid to the taxpayer in full.

The choice is a simple one. Your nation must destroy National Usury before National Usury destroys your nation.

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